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general gaming The games we (you) play ?

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This just show how little I pay attention, but the question goes.. Do we have (any, few, some, many) WWII based gamers on this site, or are you all newer warfare games, like the war in Iraq or made up enemies??


What games are you guys/girls playing these days?

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MP games I am playing lately:

War Thunder

Rainbow Six Siege


just bought Borderlands 2: GOTY on Steam for $8.79 since I know at least 2 other people have this.


Would really like some people to play with in R6: Siege as pubbing it sucks most of the time.

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World of Warships

Armored Warfare

Heroes & Generals

Elite: Dangerous

Star Citizen

Space Engineers


and those are only the online games



The long dark


This war of mine


Note to myself: I really need to cut down.

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IL2: Battle of Stalingrad - WWII Flight SIm - Easten Front

IL2: Cliffs of Dover - WWII Flight SIm - Battle of Britain

IL2: 1946 - WWII Flight SIm - Playing primarily naval operations in the Pacific

Naval Action - 17th Century sailing ship simulation


DCS: World - P51D - WWII Flight SIm but in modern day Georgia!!!!

War Thunder - WWII Flight game

Rise of Flight - WWI Flight Simulation

Elite:Dangerous - Space Simulation

Want to play:

IL2: Battle of Moscow - WWII Flight SIm - Edxpansion of Easten Front

DSC: World - Europe 1944

Bit heavy on the flight side really.

Great Thread

This is a great post as it let's us get together as a community and contact others who plays the games we do. Keep checking back on this one. In fact I'm going to follow this thread..... Blue Icon top right....

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War Thunder



Elite Dangerous, probably when my equip is ordered and arrived we can play together :)

Borderlands 2 and Pre sequel.


I leave here my steam name and skype name if you want guys you can add me.



I'm always open for new games and experience with you guys. So if you have a game and you don't want to play alone you can ask me. :)

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