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Tow Air Marshal

Interesting New IL2:BoS Server

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Our new member, Stick, has informed us of a new IL2:BoS Server that can be found when selecting multi=player:

It is DED Random -Expert -BetaVersion. As the name implies, it is in testing however there are several maps that are complete in the rotation and are very well done.


1. Aircraft. There are no limitations on number of aircraft nor lockout on plane loadouts.

2. Navigation. Full navigation as there are no map aircraft icons.

3. Targets. Enemy targets are randomly placed each map rotation so have to located before they show on the map so flying recon missions is a task in itself. This makes the map very engaging.

4. Tanks. There are tanks available for human control and airfields that can be over run in a capture the flag way by occupying the airfield with a tank. Tanks are actually quite fun.

5. Stats.. They have full pilot stats available down to events within individual sorties. Here are our 12.AOIAE Pilot stats:

Further Information. Here is the main website giving useful server information:



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This is now in effect



now 2 aircraft on all missions, planes and points carry over between battles. if you broke all the aircraft in the next fight to start with of supply

Stat was wiped

I may be wrong but my interpretation is you start with only two aircraft instead of three.  If you don't lose them, they carry over to next map.  If you lose both, you have to fly resupply even if the map rolls to get more planes.  Not sure how the "squad" points tie in.  They seem to be mucking things up if you ask me.  If I wanted to fly supply planes I'd get a FEDEX Simulator.


Also, Whitey ran into fixed loadouts.



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