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A communitry based mod has been officially accepted by 1C-777 Ltd to be the next map in IL2:Battle of Stalingrad. The map is of Velikie Luki during Operation MARS on the Kalinin Front, some 500km west of Moscow, and is 170 x 100 km. Download version 1.011 to use it...


The area is where the Restov - Meat Grinder took place.  See this youtube to realise what an epic battle took place....



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 Hello all TOW personnel .  It is I Gravedigger once again about to go into the flight sim era again, Just received word that there is a sale on new IL2 games . I was a il2 switcher pilot with 4.08 to 4.09b and used hyperlobby tons...  Now it has been years and have no idea where to go or what to start with and is the BoS and BoK and battle over Moscow all connected or not.. if I buy one version can I fly with another pilot from another version... All this is so confusing and the il2 website does not really address these questions.. Any help appreciated and I am Clan-less to the Flight sims , So draft me in as well if you have a roster spot    

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Hi Gravedigger


Great to have you back after all these years....  Yes, IL2 is one of the beter sims and VBF-12 are our mainstay squadron.  We are still alive and kicking here at tides and still willing to support gamers everywhere. 


Great to see you getting back into IL2 and we can help with getting you going...



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