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I'm already doing the fourth test this week. So far it just looks awesome. They have to do alot of work still, because games are way too unbalanced. One battle I do about 4000 damage and another battle I just pen nothing and if it pens, it just damages a module or does no damage at all. It's like in one battle damage is turned on or off. The battles are crazy, mostly turning in results around 5-15 or 15-5. Rarely there is a battle to the last tank.
They also really need to take upgrades into account when matchmaking, or it will be a missed opportunity.
Too bad alot of players don't test the game, but they actually play it. You would think it's the goal, but no it isn't. What's the use of starting the game and rush to the cap circle and cap? You only establish capping works, but that is a given. So alot of these battles are occupied by morons and idiots that got access, only to find out that their progression will be deleted anyway and are in no way any help to the devs.

Anyway, there is a good Q&A hosted by Rita Gamer with SilentStalker 

Armored Warfare is making good decisions though. There will be NO MODS, NO XVM, NO turning off the environment to get an advantage.
It's starting to look very promising.

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As the game looks awesome, there is something terribly wrong with it. In WoT you can have a bad team and lose because one or two people don't know what they are doing. Sometimes you can make a difference in WoT, even with bad players. A good match in WoT ends with your team having 5 tanks left. Some battles are epic where you slaughter the entire team. But in AW, it's only slaughter battles. 90% of the battles the result is 0-10 or worse. Sometimes it goes your way, but mostly you are on the losing end. Before your heavy tank is in position, your team is 5 tanks behind. I started October 1st and I had a steady 50% win rate, rising to 53% at one time. I now am at 42%. If you lose 20 battles in a row with 0-10 or worse, you are done. Even a bot and a teamkiller has a better result. There is absolutely nothing you can do. You are either in the winning or the losing team. So the games themselves are not fun any more, and fun is the reason to play the game. So I am not going to play any more until I get some news they fixed the problem. This issue was also present in early alpha phase. It is still in there. I do not recommend this game now because it's definitely broken. Even in your high tier tank you cannot turn a battle in this game when you come up against 3 of four lower tier enemy tanks. Also some things still don't work. There is a spotting alert, it doesn't work all the time. The incoming alert for artillery, doesn't work all the time. You also don't have the feeling that upgrading your tank makes your tank better. 

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