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IL2:BoS TidesofWar Duel Server

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photo-20221.jpg?_r=1419921290 IL2:BoS Multiplayer Duel Server - "TidesofWar Duel Server"


In Game Server Name: TidesofWar Duel Server

Teamspeak Channel: "TidesofWar Duel Server"

Operating Period: 15:00 EST until 23:00 each day

Maintnenance and Testing: 21 Mar - 28 Mar 2015


I am hosting a multiplayer duel server for everyone to use.  We also have a corresponding seperate TS3 channel within the IL2:BoS area of our Teamspeak3. It is intended to run this server as above.  This week the server will be under testing.  Please join and contribute to getting the mission as good as possible...


We are looking forward to seeing you in the server...

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