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Tow Air Marshal

IL2:1946 IL2:1956 - New Mod

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Yes, I got it right. That is not a typo... I meant to write IL2:1956

The great team at SAS are brining out a new mod to the long running IL2:1946 that takes the game well into the jet era.

You MUST be running 4.101m with SAS Modact 2.72 or later.

It includes iconic jets like the Phantom and some classic Migs. Read all about it and down load the required mods here:




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Seriously....as much as I love IL2, there are just too many mods to keep up with.  It ToW had a FTP server where you the user kept a base image (4.11 or whatever) and could just download the mod via FTP to install, that might work.  Though that is a lot to manage perhaps in itself.  I know there are links to "get the mod here" or "go to mirror site here" via the various mod pages but many of them have ads all over the place and if you click the wrong thing, wham...virus/spyware installed.  Too much risk IMO.  A ToW FTP server/repsoitory could be a beneficial one-stop shop to have all squad mates go to be on the same version(s) as needed.

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