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Tow Air Marshal

IL2:BoS LaGG-3 - Basics Settings

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LaGG-3 Mod 29

Grach's observations:

Service ceiling: (effective) 7300m
Service ceiling:(maximum) 7800m

Best climb speed: (as per manual) 270 kph
Max dive speed: ~750kph

Stall speed Clean (at Max Gross Weight):
  Idle: 180 kph
  Power: 150 kph
Stall speed Dirty (at Max Gross Weight):
  Idle: 160 kph

  Power: 130 kph



  RPM ... 2600 to 2700 rpm

  Rotate ... 190 kph



  Speed ... 250 to 300 kph

  RPM ... 2600 rpm

  Supercharger ... Above 1500m

  Mixture ... Progressively Lean (Check Exhaust Colour), Full Lean above 3000m



  RPM ... 1700 rpm, Economy

  Manifold Pressure ... 500mm

  Speed ... 280 kph

  Supercharger ... Select above 350 kph



  RPM ... 2650 to 2700 rpm

  Water Temperature ... 90decC to 100degC, Max 110degC

  Oil Temperature ... Max 115degC



  RPM ... 2600 rpm

  Oil Radiator ... Closed

  Water Radiator ... Closed

  Speed ... Below <300 kph

  Gear ... Down

  Speed ... Below <250 kph

  Flaps ... Down

  Approach ... 200 to 220 kph

  Touchdown ... 180 to 190 kph


The Yak did not have a locking tail wheel. It uses the same odd differential braking system as the Spitfire.


Very grateful to Wolfhnd for the information

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