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intellectual talk What Is Your Good Deed For The Holiday?

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Most good deeds that are done, are not done for a thank you, or brownie points, you do them so that you feel good about what you have done and yourself.  You help others to help yourself.


If you have a good story for the holidays or this year where you did a good deed for someone, please share it with us.   We would like to hear them all!.



I have a friend who was born with Hydrocephalus.  Basically the human brain is surrounded by water, people with this condition are not able to control the amount of water, they have too much and it causes big problems, memory and vision loss, balance, etc., are common due to the pressure.  Once deadly, we now have stents that can be implanted in the body to direct the excess water away.  It's not perfect, but it keeps them alive.  So you can imagine the person is on SSDI, can't work, and is not able to achieve any of the things we take for granted; driving, sports, friends, career, love.


They are far away from me, but I never forget them, I always send a holiday gift or card, the occasional phone call and email.  It lets them know they are not forgotten and that someone does care, it makes a difference, it gives them hope.


 Hope is a human trait, no other creature we know of possesses it, restoring hope to those without hope is like watering a dry plant, you save them, they are happy, and they continue to grow.  Without hope, we all wither.


It's my hope that your one one good deed for the holiday will give hope to another, and they to another, and another.  Improving the world for us all.



Warm Holiday Regards,








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