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Theta Sigma

The Arctic!

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I just touched upon this in another thread, but I thought it's well deserving of it's own thread here.

Just imagine crossing through arctic waters, dodging icebreakers, and finding ice thin enough to crack through for air, before suffocating to death. =)

Now I can't get it out of my head....tell us you're working on it East! :)

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After a bit of Googling, I noticed that icebreakers are common on the Great Lakes. So, seeing as Thunder Bay is coming, I'm thinking it should have some of the features I'm suggesting. From what East has said, Thunder Bay will be a somewhat smaller scale theatre of war, with torpedo boats and minisubs etc. Great fun, but probably not the full arctic battle experience (regular subs etc) I'm imagining.

I found this of interest: http://www.gwpda.org/naval/earlgrey.htm

Since Canada will be contested, it only makes sense that the arctic would be rife with sea battles, so I did a bit more daydreaming... ;)

It could be coded in, that once you break through solid packice, you could only stay surfaced for a certain time, as the ice will refreeze and start to crush the ship. This would make the missions more tense, and fun.

Standard surface vessels can get stuck in the ice, but could be freed by icebreakers.

Not all standard surface vessels would be easy targets once stuck, since a clear torpedo shot would be needed through icebergs etc. It would be even better if the icebergs were flowing with the current. You'd have to time your shot just right. :)

Hugging the coast in shallower waters could be dangerous as glaciers could crack and drop an iceberg right on you!

I'm just thinking out loud here. I want to thank East & Co. for making ERT as good as it is already. These are just thing that I hope they consider for future chapters. :)

In the end, if nothing else, it would just be great to hit F5 and see yourself breaking though that ice. :D

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I really like this idea, I think it would be really cool (For screenshots to)

To watch the ice just alittle ways away from your ship suddenly rip open as a sub comes up.

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