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Apocalypse Then 1918 69.giap V Jasta 18

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S! Gentlemen,

My first post here.

We (LvA Squadron) are participating in the "Apocalypse then 1918 69.GIAP v Jasta 18" Rise of Flight campaign.

In this campaign we fly for the central powers (german).

Today we had the second of the scheduled 20 missions.

Your "Naked Squirrel" flew with us today.

Jasta 18 dropped out (at least today) so LvA Squadron took over.

We can field 8 to 10 pilots from our squadron, but we are outnumbered.

I wanted to ask if Naked Squirrel enjoyed the mission and is willing to fly with us again.

Of course, if there are more IRFC pilots who would like to participate, they are more than welcome!

Please let me know if you want to join us!

A few links related to this 20 mission campaign:

RoF forum - http://riseofflight....p?f=349&t=23089

=69.GIAP= website (check the forums RoF section): http://www.69giap.com/

1.JaVA forum RoF section (LvA is a subsection of 1.JaVA): http://www.1java.nl/...isplay.php?f=35



XO - LvA - Apocalypse then 1918 campaign

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