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How to Join the ToW Club ?

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You can't just fill out an application! Yes there is a place on the site where an application can be filled out .. but it will be ignored or trashed!


Because one must be 'invited' to join the ToW Club. ToW Club is a private club of "Like Minded Individuals".

Officers, Ladies and Gentlemen

ToW Club is not a Biker Bar (so to speak). Language and conduct is as Officers, Ladies and Gentlemen would conduct themselves. Proper behavior and conduct within the internet gaming and social environment is expected at all times.

How to get invited?

To get invited to join the ToW Club you must take the time to 'understand' the ToW Club and its members. The Best way to do this is to interact with the ToW Club on our Team Speak.. and here on our forums.

Want to give it a try?

If you would like a clean environment to internet game in .. then knock on our door. We are friendly and would love to tell you about our ToW Club and the fun we have... join us on Team Speak. IP = tidesofwar.net and there are no guards at the gate, no passwords needed, no special permission. We invite the serious like minded adults to "check us out" .. see if WE are right for YOU as well :)

ToW Club

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