Hey Shad, you got some good comments there bud.

I was ‘lurking’ in the Tides Admin IM room a few months back and I heard this topic discussed by several ToW Admin types. Mind you only know bits and parts, but this is what I picked up. The ‘Bar’ is a place for everyone to go to, visitors and the like. The whole concept of the ‘Central Islands” is of course from the Game of Iron Wolves, the lagoon and all. On this Island was a ‘neutral post’ that all sides honored as “neutral”. Then the idea of expanding what this all looked like took over the conversation.

They decided to start coming up with some images and start with “Slippery Sam’s Bar and Grill”. That image was supposed to be a nice image to set the mood for visitors but for old IW players the image was supposed to have a ton of memorabilia implanted.

It appears that story lines are very popular all around the board, and they decided to exploit that and make it even more interesting. There is a ?publications? department at Tides that is going to really work the story lines. They have a ton of stories already done.

Apparently the idea is once the story line get started and if it has the proper character etc .. they would link that story line into the publications department. From that point there are “writers” that would respond to players posts and keep the story line moving along. Not all responses would be printed, some would be edited out due to ?stupid?s? that people have from time to time.

The publications department would further enhance the post with images and settings as well as carton like depictions of certain story line situations.

I hope you read this before the security dept thugs do .. cuz as soon as they read this they will probably delete this post. They say: “loose lips sinks ships” and the war sensors go thru everything!

Ya .. you got some good ideas there