It’s a good idea, however Flotsam’s “Invasion” post got another thread started in the ‘roll-playing’ and ‘big fish’ department. If we’re to have a central place for storylines, lets either move (in my case, copy and paste), Flot, Argons and mine into this thread, or, rename the “Invasion” thread to something more approperate to what it is.

Makes it easier for us folk-tellers to do our thing… Im not against multi-threaded storylines, mind you, it just seems that in my storyline, I seem to have what this thread needs (mainly content relivent to the bar scene) to fit the area.

A multi-threaded storyline could work like this:

Like a “Battle for the Central Isles” story thread depecting the actions and missadventures of the crews aboard each ship or battle as they scurry about looking for where the action (island wimminz) and the enemy (anyone who drinks your beer without belching or sayin’ thanks) is.

And the “Evening at Sams” story thread that has all the personalitys in it that feeds the other thread, (i.e. things overheard, comspiracy theorys, chance meetings, spys, wild storys, etc.)

Maybe even a “Sam’s Arms Inn” suggesting that the ‘warmer’, ‘hotter’ and romantic side of the adventures. (but then again, that could also be in the “Evening at Sams” thread, meaning this one would’nt be necessary.

Just throwing ideas out there for yas… Im good for whatever you guys decide. If everything ends up here, just delete all the suggestions/ideas first so peeps won’t have to wade thru them to get to the good stuff.