How did I forget my Ole Friend Robt. He use to proof read all my Web pages for me and he was like you Damn good in a Vett.

I got one for you Bux,

(forgive my American Ignorance) There was a player from UK. I can’t remember his name but he use to own a Pub on the water I remember his picture. he was an older gray haired man in a all white suit (in his picture. I want to say the pub was in Susix or something like that. He lost the Pub when he went through a divorce. I can remember everything except his name!

right now I’m only concentrating on the old wolfpack.

Was irp from the Wolfpack days?

Ahh I just remembered another one. Swabby, I believe he was a Police Officer with a Canine unit in Capitola California. (It’s funny the things you remember)