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Kilroy scribbles something upon the wall ...

kilroy_02.gif   We are happy to introduce the next major feature at Tides of War Gaming Community - Clubs-

Clubs are a brand new way of supporting sub-communities within our site. Many people have requested social group functionality in the past and Clubs are our implementation of this concept. We call them ... Battle Groups



Tides Community


  1. All About Tides

    All About Tides is your resource to keep up with what is going on in the Tides of War Gaming community.

  2. Soda & Coffee Shop

    Pull up a chair grab a drink and lets chat about anything you'd like! This area is an open discussion forum.

  3. Game Modders Work Shop

    A place for the modders to show off and help  others ...

  4. 57
    • Tbar
  5. FLH

    Future Legends and Hero's

    (Tow Youth Fighting Club)


Thanks to our Friends at Art of War Gaming Community

f_tow01.gifMany, many thanks from Tides of War Gaming Community to Art of War Gaming Community for hosting out needs while our site is being restored and the use of their Team Speak. :)



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