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    Hello Tides Community!

    As we transition our website, one of the things we have done is required login/sign up through social media. In the past with a traditional sign up, users were required to use an email address and password. For some, this would pose a problem because they would always forget their passwords or email used with their account. One other problem for Tides of War was the amount of spam users that would sign up and abuse our website. Now, this shouldn’t be an issue.

    The main social sign-ins we will use are: Discord, Steam, Twitch. Most of these platforms our community members already use.

    Social media makes this process easy and no passwords required to remember. It will also cut down the spam users.

    One requirement to access your old account is for the account emails to match the social platform’s email address. If you do remember your old account username, but you need that email address changed. Please use our “Contact Us” form to submit the email address change request.


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