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  2. Tow Air Marshal

    Chat Window Set Up - Like a pro!

    Excellent - Could this be a ToW Library entry for SyFy so everyone sees it?
  3. Communication is important so lets talk about game chat for a bit. The game chat is very powerful and its a separate server from the game. Within the ARC system its very easy to chat to other games as well! But, lets stay focused on STO for the moment. The game gives each fleet a "Fleet Chat Channel", you just have to activate it on one of your chat "tabs". You can color code the chat also so you can quickly ID the different chats. For example Zone might be yellow ink, Fleet might be green ink, etc. We have a cross faction channel set up so that ToW Feds and Klinks can communicate. In addition we use this channel for PVE and STF activities. Please find below a simple first step setup. We highly encourage you to get your chat set up to work for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pfzlv9dW49Q
  4. Earlier
  5. just updeated the mod to v2.7 heres a link to the page were it can be downloaded atm https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/94878
  6. some new pics form the mod injoy
  7. Tow Air Marshal

    dcs Planned for 2019

    Here is what DCS is planning for 2019. Highlights are: P-47 Thunderbolt F-16C Viper Mil-24 Hind More F-18 Weapons and functionality https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2019-01-04_PLANS1/ Check it out
  8. Hi Kain Thanks for the update. If you are a Skyrim player check out these mods. Gos
  9. Tow Air Marshal

    general chat A Happy New Year

    Well thank you and happy new year to you all too. Gos
  10. 85 Squadron would like to wish all of the Tides of War community a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.
  11. Tow Air Marshal

    wt Now operating at Sea

    WT has long been expanding into Naval Operations. YTHe latest update 1.83 really expands the available ships, including US, Russian and German ships. Primarily based around WWII these will soon include Royal Navy ships. ToW would like to welcome players of the Naval Operations and can support interested groups to expand our “By Sea” community...
  12. Dear Readers, War Thunder is up and running for me. As I await my Leadership post to be granted inside the game, I will bring you up to speed on the things going on here in ToW. First and Foremost we are working on the Battle Group area of Air Assassins. This I am told will be taken care of soon. When you arrive make sure to explore the Battle Station Area you will find Tactical training is going to be conducted out of here very frequently. Accessing Tides of Wars extensive library for By; Land, Air, Sea and not for us Fantasy. Although this is just one portion of what is done in the community of ToW. If you play any games that are fantasy we can find them in there or....(just need to ask) This is another great games you want to play you will be able to find people to play with, making it a stronger and greater community when we are here together. Also A great thing to do is sign up for a Marshal to follow. The site is themed to help you with a familiar way in which you think given the type of Ground, Air, Space or Fleet. Bigger still is they can help if you should have a question or problem.
  13. xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx x x xxxxxxxxx xxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
  14. Dear Readers, I would like to introduce myself. First and foremost because I will be leading you into the future of our gaming experience together. Most individuals before coming into a group want to understand what they are coming into. You being part of Air Assassins Inc. know we are part of Tides of War. We play in a gaming community. First thing we do in here is sign up in our groups. Like this one. So we can get the info to ourselves, our squadron as a whole. I have been a leader of a Squadron for 3 years. Building it from the ground up. I come from a military family. Also I myself have military cadet training. I enjoy tactical training sessions and I will make sure we work as a unit from the beginning.
  15. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/94878/ for the nexus mods download
  16. working on uploading to nexus mods hopfuly all gos well
  17. Tow Air Marshal

    dcs A-4E Skyhawks - Free Mod

    For players of DCS, the community have just brought out a FREE mod giving us a very detailled A-4E Skyhawks, including its weapons, systems and carrier operations. This is a terrific light fighter and strike aircraft popular with a great number of nations in its time. The community are also providing training material: SUTTO - Startup / Taxi / Takeoff Carrier Operations: Air to Air To get this amazing mod just download here: Find out more in the Eagle Dynamics forum here:
  18. I like how it's voice acting is done. It feels like skyrim but definitely a new land more realistic in my opinion Bluestacks TextNow VPN
  19. If you love hearing the thud of a well-sharpened blade in someone’s skull and can’t get enough of shield-bashing, tanking, and bellowing, this mod is for you. Faction: Pit Fighter adds a whole new guild dedicated to spilling blood in an arena, with its own NPCs, quests, weapons, and guild progression. Situated in Windhelm, the Pit Fighters are an alternative to The Companions and are sure to sate the appetite of any bloodthirsty warrior.
  20. Tow Air Marshal

    War of Rights - New American Civil War MMO

    An exciting new MMO is being developed that allows reenactment of famous battles of the American Civil War on a huge scale. In the region of 150 plus individuals all in the same battle with great graphics and gameplay.... Check it out at: https://warofrights.com/
  21. Tow Air Marshal

    dcs F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur - Pre-order

    Very exciting news. After the Viggen, Heatblur have developed the F-14 Tomcat for DCS. This aircraft includes a fully operating RIO as well as the pilot position. Pre-order is now available at the following sites: Heatblur Eagle Dynamics
  22. Erich

    8/22 - Teamspeak Downtime

    Hello Tides, Sorry for the downtime on teamspeak. We have resolved the issues and it is working again. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  23. just type in    tow    for the address and give yourself a nic... that is all ya need. If you want the official addres its ts.tidesofwar.net  ... either one works :)

    See ya soon!

  24. hey can ya send me the teamspeak server info, im trying  to get on it, it keeps failing

  25. Exited about IL2:Flying Circus and IL2:Tank Crew...

  26. Welcome to 85 Sqn and tidesofwar.net. I am around to help with anything you may need. Don’t hesitate to ask. 


    ToW Air Marshal

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