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  1. Today
  2. Test Post 1

    Gos, This is a public thread and an experimental set up to get things to a point where we can play with all this. It takes a long time to go thru everything. I recall a certain email that requested time so you can be brought up to date. To much to put in type. Remember... change skins frequently when working with new skins and... a totally new software version where NO SKINS work except ToW Behemoth and the defaults IP skins. Erich knows a lot also, so if you catch him on TS... there is another source for input, he's been helping a lot along with 1PcDoc
  3. Yesterday
  4. Test Post 1

    Okay - I have finally found the + Create Club icon - Tidal Blue current scheme with its Black on Blue icons is not helpful. We really need IBTheme to sort this out soon.... That was a lot of wasted time for me.... I mean a lot (probably 4 to 5 hours looking into how to create a club) Gos
  5. Forum color scheme

    Yes there is a way... YELL AT ME! :" We are working on those colors. We don't have anything decent at tne minute. Go to the bottom of the page... select "theme" and select Tidal Blue..
  6. Forum color scheme

    Is there a way to change the color theme on the forums? Not liking the blue and white personally.
  7. Forum color scheme

    Is there a way to change the color theme on the forums? Not liking the blue and white personally.

    CITATION For his accomplishments in forming 85 Squadron and his continuing commitment in making 85 Squadron successful, along with his valiant efforts in recruiting, Squadron Leader Cam has been awarded the Distinguished Service Order. For his commitment and his attendance record, as well as fulfilling his duties successfully as Adjutant of 85 Squadron, Flight Lieutenant Hawker has been awarded the Distinguished Service Order. For their accomplishments in the air both as Spitfire and Hurricane Pilots and also their attendance record, Flying Officer Monty and Flight Sergeant Woody have been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.
  9. Last week
  10. Test Post 1

    I am still not seeing how to create a club in the ACP - Am I missing something... I have tried different browsers: Safari for iPad/iOS10 Firefox for iPad Chrome for iPad I would appreciate a little guidance please...?
  11. 616 Squadron video from BoS and DCS

    Tremendous Whitey
  12. Emotes don't work, but supposed to.

  13. just a little test. Did I pass ?
  14. If you know any short and funny game jokes.. please post. Avoid those sorta xxx type jokes please
  15. HARM Nation HQ

    I'm sure you can put a password on HQ. Let me know. I have a follow on this topic This is viewed with 'default' skin, we can see the correct FLH/ToW tags ( it can be different with different skins, we can fix when we notice ) You can assign Clan Mates "permissions" as high as your level ( never give out the boss power, make them all, 1 or more levels less than owner, unless you want to give away your club ) Above is all JFYI and you probably already know.. I hope
  16. See Raver... I can do it

  17. 616 Squadron formation takeoff video

    I think I was just being cautious pulling back and gathered more speed... definitely could have gotten airborne early. I was more concerned about getting run into lol
  18. 616 Squadron formation takeoff video

    Very Good. Max Throttle then take off an inch of Boost should allow wingmen to stay in position. I see you held it down on the runway. That will help. But not for long as the aircraft shouldn't need the full runway. After takeoff the call of "Gear, gear, go" will allow retraction without wingmen loosing position. Hope that helps.
  19. Here's a quick video of Stick, UJ and I taking off in Spitfire V's the other night BoS
  20. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/08/06/discovery-lost-ww2-mosquito-plans-will-allow-wooden-wonder-fly/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Its great to see them find things like this! Keeps these old birds alive!
  21. Spitfire V training screens

    Formation takeoff on the 1st screen is pretty cool, I'll make a video of it. -4 Boost on the the throttle with full brakes then release.... Jak and Stick were right there the whole time
  22. Spitfire V training screens

    Great to see...
  23. F/O Stick gets his wings in a Spitfire V on BoS
  24. Test Post 1

    At the moment I see " * Settings " and " * Custom Fields " Icons. Hey - This is great progress though... Really good....
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