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    This page is HOME for all things “Land” at Tides of War.

    Games, Squads, Training and all things related to land combat.

    Please use the By Land Menu to easily move about our
    Land Combat Section.

    Land Marshal: Jester volunteer required

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  • IL2:Tank Crew available on pre-order

    Game: All Land
    It’s here...  The surprize news from 777 Studios, announced last year, that they were venturing into the Tank Simulator market is here....  Like the other IL2 series products the pre-order will allow players of other IL2 series flight simulators to now drive both the KV1 and the “Tiger” within any of the IL2 maps.  

    These tanks will be completely operable in any of the IL2 maps and so the opportunity for Ground support to air battles and/or Close Air Support to tank offensive is possible.  

    Eventually there wil be five tanks a side and also a flak vehicle each side and all will be based around a new detaillled map feature in a key villiage during the Battle of Kursk.  
    Pre-order for IL2Tank Crew can purchased from Steam or directly from 777 Studios here:
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