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    by Air Section

    This page is HOME for all things “Air” at Tides of War.

    Games, Squadrons, Training and all things related to air combat.

    Please use the By Air Menu to easily move about our
    Air Combat Section.

    Air Marshal: Tow Air Marshal Tow Air Marshal

  • By Air Squadrons

  • A-4E Skyhawks - Free Mod

    Game: DCS
    For players of DCS, the community have just brought out a FREE mod giving us a very detailled A-4E Skyhawks, including its weapons, systems and carrier operations.  This is a terrific light fighter and strike aircraft popular with a great number of nations in its time.  
    The community are also providing training material:
    SUTTO - Startup / Taxi / Takeoff
    Carrier Operations:
    Air to Air
    To get this amazing mod just download here:
    Find out more in the Eagle Dynamics forum here: 
  • Upcoming Events

    • 23 February 2019 01:00 AM Until 04:00 AM
      Meet and Greet

      Meet the ToW Staff and Admins as well as our Section Marshals and many ToW and Independent Battle Group Leaders.

      Community Leaders are here for you to meet and take your input and feed back, ask questions and make requests.

      Meet the Battle Group Leaders... be careful.. you could be recruited!
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