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Although it don't look real pretty yet, we have recovered a LOT of data and information for us to start rebuilding all the sections again. All the "flower" stuff we will get too, right now its more important to get content back into the system. So, the Site Navigation Line along the top of most pages is moving along, but not complete as yet.


We now have SSL working which means folks that all and any information you submit at Tides of War is all over secure connections and encrypted.


Team speak should be up and running this weekend coming Oct 14-15. You will not need to change your bookmark(s) the address will still be: ts.tidesofwar.net   no port number and no pass word needed. I say, should be up and running. It seems like each major component of our system gives us a snag where we need other software of server service to support that app. Keep fingers crossed.  Out TS is being installed on a totally different server system independent of www.tidesofwar.net and current DP center. So should we ever have a problem with the site of www.tidesofwar.net our TS will still be up and running.


Donate buttons are back up and links to 'Support Tides of War' are in several places at the current time. We have had to manage a lot of expenses to get the New Server up and running.


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