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  1. what is the IM program you use?
  2. I don't use it
  3. I can probably be here that day. I'm on call but more than not I won't get called.
  4. Well they announced it...lets hope that they bring back the large private servers as well.
  5. Here are my recommendations: Front Page: The need of a central HTML framework is necessary. As it stands, IPS has it’s own CSS framework built into the system. ( Whatever theme that is created for Tides of War must utilize the built in CSS framework that is provided as part of the core of IPS. Forums: Clean Up - I would suggest for registration to use social login/registration. This will help reduce the amount of bots/spam that register on the website. Most people have a social media account and can log in via Facebook, Steam, Google, Twitter etc. Forums need to be cleaned up. There are many necrotic post that could be archived. Jesper doesn’t believe in deleting post so I recommend archiving the boards that are no longer in use. Reduction of Categories - Categories should be limited to sections and thread prefixes should be utilized to reduce the clutter and increase the number of post in forums. Recommended Categories: Community Announcements Soda Shop (General Chat) TOW Club About General By Air TOW Air Talk Games We Play By Land TOW Army Talk Games We Play By Sea TOW Sea Talk Games We Play By Space/Fantasy TOW Space Talk Games We Play TOW Historical Archive Any Related Archived/Retired Forums @Mykhaila - In response to your post, I would recommend that the ToW Club draft a new constitution and by laws to direct how they govern themselves. It sounds like what you're suggesting is for the club to approve a committee of non due paying members to be delegates for the community as a whole. Everyone who is part of the community matters and I think that is an excellent suggestion. Many club members just want to donate and play games and not worry about club business.
  6. I bought this game. I love it. The game is fantastic and I hope they make some passenger plugins so I can move away from Prepar3d