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  1. I like it and it looks great.
  2. I will be thier and looking forward to it!!
  3. Still striving to get the greatest performance out of your equipment? This weekend will be the perfect time to apply Tech Upgrades to your gear, as we’re doubling the amount of Technology Points earned from each one applied! From Thursday, March 16th at 9AM PST to Monday, March 20th at 10AM PST, every Tech Upgrade used will apply twice as many Technology Points toward your next Upgrade! This in turn reduces the amount of Dilithium that must be spent to reach each Upgrade threshold, allowing Captains additional chances to attain both Mark and Rarity increases on their favored load outs.
  4. minecraft you say? i think i like this idea.
  5. nicely done Tbar this will help me a great deal and awsome job. two thumbs up.
  6. Awsome awsome awsome.i like it the post awsoime job.
  7. Hi Cellic


    Any chance you could put up an Avatar on your profile please.  It's nice for people to see some individuality to formal Club Members like us.  


    My ToW Air Marshal account is a duty so I felt this was best.  My ToW_Gosling account is a little more individual. 


    Many thanks



  8. space engineers for me git r done
  9. when will it be done mr Tbar? Git r done!!