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  1. I'm afraid there is too little information here. You don't even mention the game you are playing!!! However this help area is for help with functionality of, it's website, forums and TeamSpeak. For game help register and post in the relevant game section. When you do please give a lot more detail to your situation. I'm sure there will be so me one who can help you. Gos ToW Air Marshal.
  2. until

    Approved by ToW Air Marshal i may struggle to attend as it is 0100 UK for me but I will try and applaud the initiative.
  3. Great resume of our history there Tbar. We certainly have come a long way form the original days. Gos ToW AM
  4. Well you seem to be logged in to be able to post this! Can you give a more detailled explanation of what is wrong to allow us to help you please? Many thanks
  5. Facebook Manager Facebook please and then delete this post... Thanks
  6. Gents Please accept our appologies for the crash of the tidesofwar server last night. It went down at about 21:38BST for about 20 minutes. We are investigating the cause and hope to avoid further incidents. Gosling
  7. Yeah - Looks great. Plane 10 has been a very good sim overcoming many of the failings of MS FLight Sim X. The integrated weather settings look excellent. The variety of player made aircraft is huge and they will probably still all work with Xplane 11. Not my thing, really (well maybe the shuttle) but a top quality sim for anyone wanting to learn the basics of flying, I would suggest.
  8. IL2:Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow was patched yesterday and now includes VR with the Occulus Rift and HTC Vive... Gos
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    85 Squadron Training Night Comms(TS3): - Operating: - Listening: Storm of War Location(Server): - As tasked
  10. Not know to me... Ill investigate when I am back from leave
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  12. Interesting.
  13. Thanks for keeping us informed Tbar. I will hold off making changes until we are back to normal.
  14. 85 Squadron – Recruitment and Training Are you Sure You Want to Join Us? 85 Squadron does not actively recruit. If you are thinking of joining us, then have a look at the What 85 Squadron is About thread in this forum. If, and please ONLY IF, you having thought about it and can sign up to everything in that document....then read on. Life is too short to waste time, yours OR ours. If, having read the What 85 Squadron is About thread; thought about it and decided you really do want to join us then post a note in this thread, You will be contacted by the Squadron CO who will have a chat with you and, if he decides you might fit in with the team, ask you to fly a test flight with him. The result of that test flight will be either...he judges your skills good enough to become a full member of the Squadron and ready to fly on Operations or...he judges that you need further development in the basics and you will be posted to our OCU. Either way, you will join the Squadrons’ Pilot Development Plan. Training (the Pilot Development Plan) A core principle in 85 Squadron is that every pilot, no matter how good, can be a better pilot and that every Pilot in the Squadron has a duty to develop his/her skills. We will take anyone from the newest person to the game to the most experienced and deadly established Pilot, but ONLY if they will sign up to that principle. To that end, we have established the Pilot Development Plan. Every Pilot is unique.. and so has unique development needs and priorities. Each and every Pilot in the Squadron is therefore required to identify the areas in which he/she wishes to develop (e.g. formation flying, gunnery, navigation and leadership) and agree them with a review date with the CO. The Pilot will then work with the appointed Training Coordinator as to how those training needs may be best served and agree a plan of action. It is the that Pilot’s responsibility to fulfil that plan. On the review date, the pilot will again talk to the CO to consider his/her progress and agree areas for further development and the next review date. That seems a lot of faff. Why cant I just fly? If you asking that question, then you probably need to re-read What 85 Squadron is About thread and start again. It is probably harder to join 85 Squadron than any other online IL2 Cliffs of Dover Squadrons. However, an 85 pilot is assured of a more supportive, a more developmental and a more team-based experience than he/she could wish for. However, if you cannot or do not want to commit to the Squadron ethos, purpose and regular “Play Time”, please do not bother to reply. 85 Squadron is a democratic Squadron and we believe that everyone has a vote...however, the only vote that counts is that of the CO. If you do not accept this...then thank you for your interest, good luck and goodbye.
  15. New TAW campaign starts 12.02.2017 Sunday morning. Changes and new features: Server has been moved to the new hardware. The website is available at New TAW TS3 is available The are some squadron’s channels created so we may setup whispers to each other for better communication. If you like this idea and would like to add your squadron then pm me. TS3 channels are visible on the Teamspeak tab. Registration is optional now. You may just join the server and start the campaign (first sortie determines your side Allied or Axis). If you would like to create a squadron and add members to it then you should register your account. Registration will be available on Sunday (server is still in test stage) In case of lack of players on one side you may register additional account for the opposite side with different pilot’s name. To change the side you have to change your Username at respectively first. Those accounts would be independent at each other. Penalty for changing the sides during the mission is 10min. (I know it's not the ideal solution but I would like to test it) No quorum Defense line consist of three positions around the city. The main strength of defense are anti-tanks artillery and tanks. Then dugouts and armored vehicles like Sd.Kfz. 251 and BM13 at the front line. You should destroy as many as possible of those objects. Different tank types in tank convoys (light, medium, heavy tanks). Allied AA in Allied tank/supply convoys (there was Axis AA before) Train stations. If train on the station is destroyed then nearby city will not be supplied from it. Destroy as many wagons as possible. Bridges. If bridge is destroyed then advancing tank convoy will not be supplied. To destroy this object you have to destroy the whole bridge and dugout. Ju 52 for Axis. Landing on friendly airfield with cargo supply this airfield for about 6-8%. If Allied airfield is damaged more than 50% then paratroopers drop zone is visible on the map (blue circle near that airfield). If at least 60 paratroopers land within area of this drop zone then they may capture the airfield with probability of 30%-80% (probability = airfield_damage% minus 20%). So the more damaged is airfield the more chance to capture it. Remember to destroy incoming Allied supply convoy or train near the city (they may supply the airfield and lower it’s damage after mission). If airfield is closed then there is a reason in mission briefing (like enemy tanks nearby, in repair, heavily damaged ect.) Other small fixes and improvements. Plane set (Bf 110E-2 available from the beginning, Bf 109 F-2 from map #2): Number of slots limited to 64. The new server is faster but on the other hand I added many new ground objects and AA. Need to monitor server CPU first before increasing number of slots. Some squadrons skins have been updated. If case of problems, errors etc please use this topis: http://forum.il2stur...s-and-problems/ Good luck!