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  1. I will be leaving for military duties.... again and will be back August 14th 2017! See you guys then and hopefully all goes well.

  2. @Tbar I misunderstood you initially, I understand more fully at the moment ;although I do think the ToW Club charter/COC should be posted openly when time allows for that to be done btw thank you for clarifying it for me
  3. If there is nothing in the post above that conflicts then I would say it does apply to them? Also shouldn't all code of conducts be published in the open for everyone to see. How is anyone suppose to be held accountable if no one knows what anyone is accountable for?
  4. Tides of War Community Guidelines Tides of War has a long history, and has a reputation of maturity, respect, and camaraderie. In order to maintain this reputation we have created a set of community guidelines that we expect all members, and guests to adhere to. We would like to emphasize that this is a simple guideline and individual clan leaders can add more stipulations, but may not ignore these guidelines. If there are any questions please contact the community leadership. (Our door is always open) General Guidelines: 1) All People will remain respectful, no verbal attacks or likewise against anyone or any group will occur. 2) Keep profanity to a minimum. 3) No prejudice remarks regarding anything from sexual orientation, race, or religion will be accepted. In-Game Guidelines: 1) There is to be no cheating, hacking, or DDOSing. (Distributed Denial of Service attacks) 1A) Moding games is not classified as cheating, so long as it is accepted by the game owners/developers. 1B) No action will be taken against anyone accused unless there is definitive proof against the individual(s). Teamspeak Guidelines: 1) Do not needlessly flood the mic, if you have problems with your voice detection sensitivity please use push to talk, or fix the sensitivity issue. 2) No continuous transmissions are allowed in teamspeak, for example a music bot, the reason is because we own our server and the bandwidth usage raises the communities operating cost. 3) All avatars in teamspeak must be acceptable for viewing by minors; although most of our members are adults many have children and we want to have a family friendly atmosphere. 4) Disagreements will be held in private rooms. If disagreements cannot be solved like mature adults make a community leader aware of the situation, and we will help mediate if needed. Forum and Website: 1) All content shared on the website and forums must be acceptable for viewing by minors. 2) Please post in the proper topic. If one does not exist contact a community leader where he will have one created. 2A) If you are unsure about where to post, post it in the soda shop in “Your Tides of War” tab. Community Advisors The following section contains information that the community leadership believes is helpful to know in order to understand how we operate here at Tides of War! 1) The Tides of War community hosts many different clans and each of these clans may operate themselves however they see fit so long as the community guidelines are adhered. 2) Community Leaders reserve the right to delete rooms in teamspeak when the rooms, in his or her view, are not expressing activity. 3) Community Leaders reserve the right to remove members of the community with the sole purpose of benefiting the group. (Note: Majority vote determines decision, Note: Only Community Leaders have a vote) 3A) This does not apply to ToW Club or FLH Club members. In the highly unlikely event issues with a ToW Club member or FLH Club member must be discussed in private with Community Leaders and ToW Club members. 4) Anything not covered in the community guidelines, or any significant changes to the operation of the community will be voted on. (Note: Majority vote determines decision, Note: Only Community Leaders have a vote)
  5. @Storm Wolfsong @Tbar @cellic @ToW VP @ToW_Gosling @erich I have set the meeting for 20:00 Saturday, June 3rd. I feel this is a high activity time and will bring a higher turnout. I look forward to the meeting
  6. until
    EVENT: An open meeting to discuss creating a more interconnected and unified Tides of War, one that allows for better coordination between the many groups in our community. Location: Teamspeak 3 @ Time: 20:00 (timezone: East coast, USA) This meeting has been organized and arranged by the following: ONE4, Storm Wolfsong, and Tbar For any additional information prior to the meeting please contact ONE4
  7. @Tbar weither the cocs be different based on where someone is (IE the forums or teamspeak or general) it does not matter they can be summed up on one page and divided on that page. Here is an example --> and I feel the need to bring up that getting some things done on the website can take some time and in the mean-time the code of conduct should be posted somewhere like the forums. I would suggest an "About Tides of War" Tab in the forums where we can slowly add stuff about tidesofwar. For example the COC, the history of tow as a club and a community, etc. ;However I digress - We should set up a meeting of all those who will step up. Anytime excluding 1pm - 1130p EST monday - Friday works with me. @Mykhaila @ToW_Gosling @Tbar @cellic and anyone I may have missed could reply with times that work with you. I will try and contact people over teamspeak this weekend and when I believe I have a time set up I will post the meeting on the calendar on the website (Please note that you have to be logged on to see things on the calendar)
  8. @erich - This response is specifically targeting your response to Mykhalia. Yes from my understanding the ToW Club does not want to organize or 'run' the community they simply want to play games which is fine; however there is (almost) no one running the community since I ve been in the community (which is many years now). @everyone - The details about what should be done is a very large discussion that should be held in teamspeak, but for now a quick answer to the following simple question will be more than enough. Who is and will step up to 'run' the community? (If you are one of the individuals who will please state this). Thanks
  9. Hello tankers, I would like to address our short term goals here at Tides of War in regards to tanking. I am positive these short term goals will lead to our long term success and I would like all members to help with these short term goals. What do I mean by help? I will address the ways each member can help after explaining the goals. Goals The first step is simple, Members! A community cannot exist without members! Once we have created a basis to begin, which I picture being ten or so members online during the weekends, we will begin to work on participating in weekly skirmishes at tier 6. What are Skirmishes? Skirmishes are a matchmaking system where members of a clan go into a battle against another clan. Skirmishes take place at Tier 6, 8 , and 10 with tier 6 having 7 players on each team. All while partaking in weekly skirmishes we should continue to grow in size until we can partake in tier 8 skirmishes, which require 10 members. At that point we will organize new goals as more opportunities have opened; however what we do at that point is based on what our members desire, and we at ToW will meet what our members desires! How can you help? So how can each of us help make this goal come to fruition? For each member it may vary based on how much they desire to help and how much time they have to spare, but a few easy steps anyone can do to help is remain in teamspeak while online even if you are the only tanker on! Your activity in teamspeak will attract a crowd; furthermore if you platoon with someone in game or have any friends anyone can invite them to the teamspeak as we have an open door policy! These are the simple ways every member can help the community and if anyone here in Tides of War has any other questions on how they can help I encourage them to ask myself or the C/O.
  10. Open Beta has been announced! Anyone who has bought a founders pack will receive early access that will begin on Feb 27th and the release for everyone else will begin the 6th of March. What makes the early access different from beta is that the accounts will not be reset when the game gets opened for everyone on the 6th (all old closed beta accounts have been reset). For more info Ive linked the article on RO webpage
  11. I have been playing a game called Revelation Online in Closed Beta for the last few months and it has been announced that it is in the last phase of closed beta testing. I expect it will enter open beta in the next 2 months or less. It has been in the Asian market for years now and already has loads of content. I plan to play this for the forcible future and will link a few videos below explaining why you may want to give this game a try. First off is its Guild and PvP system which is what initial drew me to the game, once you reach level 40 you can be attacked by anyone who is also at least level 40; however do not think that you will be ganked as a new player because RO has come up with a solution for that called a "slayer point system" if someone attacks you and you do not attack back then they will gain slayer points while they have slayer points if they are killed they can lose expensive items like their gear etc; Furthermore you lose nothing if you do not attack back. This system makes it un-wise for someone to attack another person without reason. Regarding the Guild system guilds can actually declare war, create peace, and alliances while they fight over areas of the open world. For more info check out the video listed below. For those not into PvP there is also loads of PVE content, beyond the general side quests and story lines there are 5,10, and 20 man raids. There are different difficulty settings going to what is called expert 3 star which I can tetll you from experience can be difficult. Not only will you need the gear but you will have to understand the boss's attacks and movements in order to dodge some attacks that will otherwise kill you. For those interested in competition in PVE some of the harder raids have leader boards for individual raids that show the best teams that have completed those raids with the best scores. If you manage to make it on one of the best teams to complete that raid you will not only be on the leader board but receive a title, for example "Grand Bulwark Top 5". Outside of raids and dungeons there is also world bosses which not only are they difficult but guilds can fight eachother over these bosses thus even a PVE guild may need a few PVP players to keep other guilds away. View the video below for more PVE info For those interested in making money this game has a player ran auction house, stalls that you can set up to sell your items, alongside that you can run trade routes for your guild where you will receive 10% of the profits. This game still does not have all of its features that it has in the Asian client; however over the last few months I have see them bringing more and more of it over, and as I stated in the beginning I expect it to be released to Open beta in the next 2 months; however for those who wish to play now the cheapest founders pack which will allow you to play closed beta goes for 18 USD. If anyone here at Tides of War has any questions regarding this game I would be happy to explain anything I can. Hopefully I will see some of you in Revelation Online! Cheers.
  12. In reply to clone master... So do you guys have some examples, maybe for what the most people are asking? Teamspeak support like this? Or is it more for these sub categories like Star Trek online, IL-2, War Thunder? I think we must really now what is really needed, because it make no sense to create a position and fill it but it's not really needed. In my opinion we have first of all to ensure everyone in our Clans, Guilds and Teams here must know we have a forum. I know a lot of BSS members don't know we have a forum and they don't use it. I mean everyone take a look at out forum which persons are writing and reading posts. Mostly not much and always the same as months ago. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, I believe it is up to each individual clan inside the ToW Community to ensure that our members know we have a forum. Outside of going room to room and constantly mentioning it among the members of these groups there is no way that I can see the community "leadership" getting everyone, or as much as possible on the forums, without stepping on clan leaders toes. Each clan has their own process of introducing their members to the clan. I propose this.... what if each clans leadership created a thread in their respected section of the forums that introduces all their members with whatever information they find pertinent (perhaps their clan requirements, code of conduct or anything you would like them to know...) as a part of the new members application process require they comment "I agree" or something on that thread this way they at least have a start on what ToW is all the while increasing the forum population here at Tides of War. I know this is a little off topic but it was on my mind....
  13. I am completely pro this idea, the real question is how it should be organized. We need to look at what needs have we seen in the community and focus the positions on the needs. One need I have noticed is the need for a "Teamspeak Channel Supporter" who would be responsible for insuring the individual groups in teamspeak have the space they desire along with support of BB code helping them with channel descriptions, if they so desire. Also a "Community Relations" position could be very helpful kind of like a human resources position in a company. He or She could be responsible for informing the members of the different groups in teamspeak about ToW community and what ToW Community Membership is (encouraging those to place ToW In their name). The community Resources position could also inform the individual groups of Community ideas and encourage those groups join the idea all while keeping relations with the individual groups and hearing their desires. These are just some of the needs i have seen, What are some that others have seen? I believe it should be a small community government, but i have likely overlooked a need.
  14. I personally can agree to some sort of change concerning a command roster; however a lot of the ToW Club and community want to be left be, even some ToW club members which is fine. For the members, in game leaders, and community leaders that want to take more of a front seat, high speed, with lots of moving parts(in comparison to now) i recommend setting up a "Command Help Line" where members that volunteer themselves to be in these postitions; however even if they volunteer themselves they shouldnt be put on the list. It should be a two way street they must volunteer themselves and the current community leadership needs to say yes for them to be on the list. Once on the list if that person has some sort of position in the community or a game in another column next to their name it could be a "Position" line. For example. Name Position Contact methods ToW Raver FLH President EMAIL, FB INFO?, ETC The postition could be an in game postion like "Major in Firefall" or community based like "ToW Club President" , "FLH Member", "ToW Club Member" one person may even have more than one position. I am pro having a system like this but anyones name on the list should 1.) They volunteer themselves to be on the list. 2.) ToW Club/ Community leaders accept them to be on the list. 3.) Members on the list can ask to be taken off the list at any time. Also i recommend that a list of this nature(if it existed) should be on both the website and Teamspeak. Comment with your thoughts *
  15. Open meeting disucssing any and all issues however the focus will be the activity, leadership, and overall future of Tides of War Firefall Division! Please be patient during this time Thank you!