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  1. Please provide input on the attached poll
  2. Doesn't look too thrilling to me....but for those who may like something like this, here we go. First look / review on Youtube:
  3. I've been away from this sim for a while....a lonnnng while. Anyone interested is regrouping for some adventures?
  4. Having spend numerous times trying to get through the 1963 campaign, I gave up. My advice: Throw those Mk16 torps away. Unguided torps are useless against modern surface ships as they hear them way early and it's near impossible to get close enough to make them effective. Sure, you could launch a spread, but you'd be better off using the torpedo storage space for the guided torp versions. You can't launch the Mk16 at depths greater than 100' either. Switched to the 1984 campaign and have had MUCH better success against surface ships with the Mk48 ADCAPs.
  5. OK ... First impressions: PROS: Very good graphics Good damage modeling Good weapon effects (though some need improving) Good feel of the Red Storm Rising theater Signature analysis is easy to comprehend and use CONS: Weapon effects - The torpedoes aren't seen launching from the tubes. Rather, they start their wake in your bow and run outward. If you launch a torpedo while going faster than 5 knots, you have a good chance of running into it and it exploding. This damages your boat and even causes you to lose your boat in some cases. I am not sure how realistic this is as torpedoes normally have to run a distance before arming. Navigation is all done in increments with key commands. Planes up/down by 5 degrees each press as well as ballast adjusted positive/negative by 5 each press. There is no easy way to "Make my depth 300 feet" or "Come to Periscope depth" (which would be handy when operating the periscope, ESM and radar masts. The same applies for setting a course. You just have to increment your rudder until you get to the direction that you want. The campaign game speed is like on super fast. There's no time compression control...all warp speed. If you sit and study the map, you have a good chance of missing your objectives. THINGS THAT WOULD BE A NICE TO HAVE: A way to know what the detection ranges of each contact is. Transient detection - Currently you don't have to open tube doors or flood before launch. You just fire away. It would be nice to have this feature and be able to detect them. Audio from the crew. It would add to the realism if we heard a voice saying "Contact designated as Sierra 1" (or something) rather than just text on the screen. Overall, it's a good nuke sim. I'm still learning. Too bad it's not Multiplayer.
  6. did the tutorials. All well and good and set out for my first single mission. Detected, tracked and sunk a Russian November class sub (below). Started the campaign and chose the early campaign. Intercepted a Russian Whiskey sub. Fired...he fired back ... and fired back and fired.... Evaded torps for a good while but I forgot a lot of the keys for navigation and defense. I ended up ramming the sea floor. DOH!!
  7. Cold Waters released today. i have installed it and will provide a review soon for those who are interested. Again, it is Single Player but I was a fan of the old Red Storm Rising game.
  8. Something I learned a minute ago. When you create battlegroups (your unit list for battle), each commander has a bonus to a specific unit type. For instance, look at the 101st Airborne commander. See that parachute icon to the left? That means he has a bonus to airborne units. Essentially, choosing this commander will give you more slots for air units. Similarly, if it is a tank icon, you would have more slots for tanks/armor than air units. Seems a no brainer...but silly me just noticed that.
  9. It has both single and multiplay. This is not like the RTS of the past (gather resources, build bases, attack, etc.). You have to select your units to field in battle and plan for which phase they are available to you. So far, I have found that even the "Very Easy" AI can be challenging if you don't counter correctly. Every unit has a purpose and some move wayyyy slower than others. Plus, be sure to guard your supply truck so you are able to re-arm your units when their ammo runs out. You also fight the there is a lot of "Line of sight (LOS)" challenges ... and opportunities. The maps are historical reproductions and are pretty accurate. It's really a lot to keep up with for one person. Having a teammate join in and take the other flank would be of great value.
  10. I got the deluxe edition. Just going through the bootcamp tutorials. So far I find it really neat.
  11. Anyone getting this game? Interest in multi-play? Just released today.
  12. Last i read on VR, there were new companies out there for competition of the VR market but the tech wasn't there to get great resolution in the headsets yet. Though....things can change month to month. I will see what I can dig up.
  13. Only a 2 man team developing this one. Let's hope they get more support. Initial video looks promising. You will need a VR headset. Early access available via Steam.
  14. New update at their kickstarter page: Also, the new video update. They are making progress but I noted the lack of the water plumes when torpedoes hit the ships. It just looks like an internal explosion to me. Maybe this will get corrected in the future.
  15. Gosling, have you seen this one? It's not combat but multiplayer capable for the flight enthusiasts.