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  1. Hello hello hello...is there anybody IN there...

    1. Tbar


      Are you here? We can't see you.. we can't hear you... you have a BUG :P.. and your spreading it! Now your bugging me ! :P

  2. Jesper....ya got spammers on the forums again!

  3. Why can't my job be to sit home and play games?

  4. Eldest daughter graduated High School yesterday. 1 down...1 to go

    1. Tbar


      I know that feeling :)

  5. Wishing all TOW a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

  6. The only thing talking here is....the computer.

  7. I can see you, Kirk....can you see me? Come now....warrior to warrior..this is how it was meant to be

  8. Congrats on the family addition treetom!

  9. Space games....taking my attention these days :)

  10. On my way to Silver Springs!

  11. Hungry...throwing some burgers on the grill

  12. saipan > you have to get the latest teamspeak client from teamspeak.com

  13. We are pretty small at the moment. Would be great to get a joint-ops thing going. No set night (yet) for the 117th...but am working on it. 117th will be on the Slybirds server.
  14. If you like to bomb, then the 117th Gravediggers could use you here! Looking for more members to get missions going.