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  1. Our last visit to Cold Waters was last year some time, lets get up to date with SubSims review first.. If your a subscriber here is what you got in the mail from SubSim: : CLICK ME TO READ SubSim REVIEW : CLICK ME to go to Official Game Site (Killer Fish Games)
  2. Hey Bro We would love to help out ... but your at the wrong site What game are you playing? Pirates of the Caribbean?
  3. Issue is game side.. not with ToW.
  4. Tbis problem.. user error.. the problem is resolved
  5. your welcome .. more one on one for you and me would be most positive. The ToW Doc's most likly will never be made "public". .. sorry .. they like privacy.
  6. I am so lazy.. I never do anything

  7. Yes it applies because the ToW CoC is stronger, and No.. because the ToW CoC is STRICTER.. they have to behave more so then vistors .. or in this case future "community members". ToW Club members will have no problem as far as their day to day conduct with the "community CoC" or whatever its eventually called. The ToW code of conduct is not as simple as yours and covers "media" of all types including in game behavior and rules. Lets keep in mind that "all this" is a works in progress
  8. you will only learn this information by being a ToW Staff Member , you would have to go thru the same steps as any "person" would to have those privlages. Anyone can step up to be a TS "moderator"... but the process starts as a 'greeter'. More detail for those that step up and apply. I assure you being any level of TS Administration is NOT a power position.
  9. Perfect ..... A note to ToW CLUB Members - This comunity Guidline does not apply to you ... your Charter and By-laws, CoC is what governs ToW CLUB members. This 'community' guidline cannot superceed the ToW CoC for any media. There is nothing in the POST above that conflicts... so far that is /tbar
  10. I sure hope others might check this post... they just might like to team up and try it
  11. OK.. I checked out the site and company.. they seem to be doing great with a lot of loyal fans .. HOWEVER .. it appeared to me to be a 'single play' game? Are you sure its Multi-play ? If it is... it would be nice to have a group of our current TS users asked if they have seen this post and might be interested in trying it out. Right now.. I'm bogged down. I hope for an update on things next time we can chat on TS.
  12. Salute !
  13. Good.. so your still kicking and alive
  14. I sure hope a decent Naval Warfare game gets out there... World of Warships etc... is not exactly what I'm looking for.