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    @Tbar weither the cocs be different based on where someone is (IE the forums or teamspeak or general) it does not matter they can be summed up on one page and divided on that page. Here is an example --> http://www.armoredknights.us/coc and I feel the need to bring up that getting some things done on the website can take some time and in the mean-time the code of conduct should be posted somewhere like the forums. I would suggest an "About Tides of War" Tab in the forums where we can slowly add stuff about tidesofwar. For example the COC, the history of tow as a club and a community, etc. ;However I digress - We should set up a meeting of all those who will step up. Anytime excluding 1pm - 1130p EST monday - Friday works with me. @Mykhaila @ToW_Gosling @Tbar @cellic and anyone I may have missed could reply with times that work with you. I will try and contact people over teamspeak this weekend and when I believe I have a time set up I will post the meeting on the calendar on the website (Please note that you have to be logged on to see things on the calendar)