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Cold Waters - SubSim Review and follow up

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Our last visit to Cold Waters was last year some time, lets get up to date with SubSims review first..


If your a subscriber here is what you got in the mail from SubSim:


Ahoy tbar!

I wanted to share the good news--there is a new modern era sub game just released: Cold Waters. It's set in the cold war that turns hot, with a dynamic campaign in 1968 and another in 1984. You command American fast attack subs and go up against the Soviet Navy -- and your performance can make a difference in the war.

This game is a lot like the classic Red Storm Rising and has elements of Fast Attack and Jane's 688(I), but with massively improved graphics and a bit easier to learn and play.

The Subsim forums are on fire like the days when Silent Hunter 3 came out.  Cold Waters is a real blast, take a minute to read my review:

That's all for now, have a great summer and remember to clear baffles and work the layer!

Good hunting!
Onkel Neal



: CLICK ME to go to Official Game Site (Killer Fish Games)



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