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WoT: ToW Short term goals, Long term success

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Hello tankers,

                            I would like to address our short term goals here at Tides of War in regards to tanking. I am positive these short term goals will lead to our long term success and I would like all members to help with these short term goals. What do I mean by help? I will address the ways each member can help after explaining the goals. 



The first step is simple, Members! A community cannot exist without members! Once we have created a basis to begin, which I picture being ten or so members online during the weekends, we will begin to work on participating in weekly skirmishes at tier 6. What are Skirmishes? Skirmishes are a matchmaking system where members of a clan go into a battle against another clan. Skirmishes take place at Tier 6, 8 , and 10 with tier 6 having 7 players on each team. All while partaking in weekly skirmishes we should continue to grow in size until we can partake in tier 8 skirmishes, which require 10 members.  At that point we will organize new goals as more opportunities have opened; however what we do at that point is based on what our members desire, and we at ToW will meet what our members desires!


How can you help?

So how can each of us help make this goal come to fruition? For each member it may vary based on how much they desire to help and how much time they have to spare, but a few easy steps anyone can do to help is remain in teamspeak while online even if you are the only tanker on! Your activity in teamspeak will attract a crowd; furthermore if you platoon with someone in game or have any friends anyone can invite them to the teamspeak as we have an open door policy! These are the simple ways every member can help the community and if anyone here in Tides of War has any other questions on how they can help I encourage them to ask myself or the C/O.


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