IL2:Battle of Stalingrad

IL2:BoS is a beautifully rendered deeply researched and accurate flight sim based in the Winter of 1943 around the Battle of Stalingrad.
Come join other ToW Pilots flying over the snowy Steppe.

  1. IL2:BoS - General Discussion

    Here is the place to chat about all things IL2:Battle of Stalingrad

  2. IL2:BoS - Hangar

    Useful stuff for IL2:BoS including, skins, performance information, patches and version upgrades.

  3. [Sqn] 12.OIAE

    Forums for 12th Independant "Red Banner" Naval Fighter Squadron.
    Go to the 12.OIAAE Squadron Website here

  4. [Svr] Tactical Air War

    This is a Sub Forum for the Axis and Allied Tactical Planning Forums for the IL2:BoSM Tactical Air War Server.  The two forums below have passwords and are for use by players of the Tactical Air War server run by =LG=.  The passwords will be issued to the Administrators of Registered Squadrons on the website.


    Squadron Administrators should:

    1. Will be issued a forum password vis PM on the forum by 12.OIAE_Gosling (ie - ToW Air Marshal) .  

    2. Register into this ToW Website site using their exact Username for clarity.  

    3. Check thier appropriate Tactical Planning forum using the Forum Password issued in the PM above.  

    4. Squadron Administrators are free to pass on the Forum Password to trusted squadron mates but please maintain Operational Security.  


    Other Squadron Members will need to create a user profile on this ToW website manually using the link at the top right of this page if they wish to post on this forum.  

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