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    Fighter Base

    ATTN Air Attack Pilots! Check out the New Development of an old Classic.. yep its Air Attack on steroids, 3D and all.. read more on our forums. ( Click me )


    I wonder what the ToW WoT boys are up too ..?


    The Battle of Britain rages on in IL2:CloD. The boys of 85 Squadron continue to defend the shores of Southern ENgland.!
    See our Battle Stations, by Air pages for all squadrons


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    The New Season Coming.. takes us .. way back. Explore with us and lets kick some "way-back" alien butt!


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    • Clonemaster

      Spitfire manual is successful ordered
      Now play the waiting game
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    • ToW Air Marshal  »  cellic

      Hi Cellic
      Any chance you could put up an Avatar on your profile please.  It's nice for people to see some individuality to formal Club Members like us.  
      My ToW Air Marshal account is a duty so I felt this was best.  My ToW_Gosling account is a little more individual. 
      Many thanks
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    • cam

      Go. Is this ok for a signature or does it need more work? If so...what do I nee to do?

      · 1 reply
    • Vonron

      Hi Tbar, thanks for replying - Do you guys still play on-line games. I recall Buxton, Pioneer, Drifter, 2tall, Iceman, 1baddude, Shad, Popeye, Darstardly Red Ocktober, IPS (Scandanavian player) plus many others. Sure had fun in the early days - things went a bit pear shaped towards the end - lots of bad behaviour etc. put people off the game.
      · 1 reply
    • wassereis97

      Days without playing wt: Too many!!
      · 1 reply
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    Rat Patrol Radio serves as a living memorial to the men and women of the Greatest Generation who gave their all so the world could be free. Streaming a playlist comprising of Big Band and Swing songs from the mid-1930s to 1945, with authentic WWII radio clips and news broadcasts.